Space is big, but so is Our Space. We couldn’t have created this project without the help and support of others. Our Space thanks the organisations listed below.

Main Partners and Funders

Space Adventures

Richard Garriott and Space Adventures who have provided the unique footage and funding to make sure you can access the materials on this website. Space Adventures is a private Space company focussed on opening up the Space frontier to private citizens.

UK Space Agency

The newly formed UK Space Agency (formerly BNSC) manages the UK's civil space activities and key Government budgets for space. They have provided funding and ongoing support for this project.

Queen Mary, University of London

Queen Mary, University of London is one of the main partners in the Our Space project. Their involvement is lead by Professor Peter McOwan and Laura Thomas who have helped get the project off the ground.

South East Physics Network

SEPnet is a consortium of six partner universities working together to advance and sustain Physics as a strategically important subject for the UK economy. They have provided support and funding for this project.

GovEd Communications

GovEd Communications is one of the main partners in the Our Space project. They have created this website and put together the edited video sequences of Richard in Space. Their work has been lead by Ravi Kapur, Garry Hill and Ben Lavington Martin. GovEd Communications is a multi-disciplinary company, working in education, science communication, digital media and technology.

Venture Thinking

Venture Thinking is one of the main partners in the Our Space project. Heather MacRae has coordinated various elements of the project and provided educational advice and support.

The Stephen Lawrence Foundation

The Stephen Lawrence Foundation, for financial support and for letting us launch the competition at their Future Scientist Day.

The Parliamentary Space Committee

The Parliamentary Space Committee for offering to meet with winners at the House of Commons.

Challenger Centers

The Challenger Centers worked with Richard on various educational aspects of his mission.

Additional Content Providers

Beef and Pie Productions

Beef and Pie Productions is an award-winning production company based in Austin, Texas. They are the producers of the feature documentary about Richard's flight to the ISS, 'Man on a Mission'. They have provided the footage used in the introduction sequence of the Our Space clips and the 'Press Kit' material.


Footagevault is the leading provider of online Space archive footage, with material ranging from the Mercury and Apollo programmes to Shuttle missions and recent launches. Footagevault has provided many of the Space footage clips available on this site under a special license for educational use only.

Michael Cockerham

Most of the amazing portraits of Richard are courtesy of Michael Cockerham. Michael has kindly given you permission to use the images for educational use. To see more of his work and to find out more about his views on developments in photography check out

Media Support


The Metro newspaper and Cosmonline – especially Ben Gilliland, their enthusiastic 'Cosm' writer.

Prizes and Other Support

International Space School Educational Trust

International Space School Education Trust is a leading provider of space education visits and consultancy.


A|D|S is the trade organisation advancing UK AeroSpace, Defence, and Security industries with Farnborough International Limited as a wholly-owned subsidiary. They have offered prizes of places at the prestigious Futures Day at Farnborough.

National Space Centre

The National Space Centre, voted the Best Large Visitor Attraction of 2009 is a unique day out dedicated to the wonders of space. It is home to the UK’s largest planetarium as well as the only Challenger Learning Centre in Europe.

Random House Books

Random House Books and Lucy Hawking for their generous help with prizes.


Intech is the South of England's hands-on interactive science and technology centre. It also hosts the UK's largest capacity digital Planetarium.