We can all do with a little help now and again, and there are plenty of sources of information on creating video mash-ups and story telling on the web. We have brought a few of the best together for you to explore. Remember to take care on the web and never reveal personal details to those you don’t know. If in doubt ask a teacher.

We have collected some of the best of the web here to get you started. Of course your explorations of the storytelling and science may take you to new horizons. Enjoy the trip.

At the bottom of this page, we've also provided you with some useful resources to help you get started with your mash-ups. Don't forget to check out the Tips & Guidance section too.

Useful Space-related information:

Space and science related news:

Software and Games

Music to use in your mash-ups

Other competitions:

You can also send your entries to other competitions. Check out the Royal Commonwealth Society competition, the SciCast competition and your local Big Bang competitions. If you have created something exciting, why not share it with others.